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Short-term rental

Looking for a short-term car rental? Whether you are an organization looking to provide your team with flawless mobility, or an individual looking for peace of mind, drive your vehicle of choice and enjoy all the benefits of owning a car without the headache.

Long-term rental

Looking for a long-term car rental? We provide long term leases suitable for your needs whether you are an individual or an organization looking for reliable long-term rentals.

Drivers are available

Our guest assistants are highly trained to attend to your needs and deliver your car to you conveniently with a big smile. Punctuality and promptness are the key qualities of our team.

Unlimited mileage

If you need a vehicle to drive long distances or are planning a road trip, we can help make it happen with an unlimited mileage car rental unless rented for less than 5 days. With Für Alles, you can set off on your next big adventure without having to count the miles!

Free airport / Hotel delivery

Our team will do their best to ensure that your life is easier and get your car delivered to your doorstep or to the destination of your choice (Airport, Hotel, Office…).

Receive the Latest

Based on availability, customers will receive the latest models available of the selected models of their choosing or similar.

Immediate replacement

We offer an immediate replacement in case of accident or breakdown after our fast assessment, we will deliver your car to you as efficiently as we can (and pick it up) and make sure you are not inconvenienced any further by the loss of your car. Our cars are all new models and well-maintained. We provide immediate support should you need any help with the vehicles.

Customer Dedication

As a part of Dabboussi Group, we at Für Alles pursue the satisfaction of our customers and to ensure that your experience is above and beyond, at our showrooms our team will be more than glad to assist you and understanding your needs and ensuring that it is fulfilled.

A Little About Us

Für Alles, the German translation of “For All”, defines our commitment to provide prompt and efficient services to suit all tastes, preferences and needs. To do so, we offer a wide variety of cars ranging from touristic, luxury and convertibles to 4×4 and utility cars with customized services.

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